Monday, October 13, 2008

Great recruiters make a great commitment

Not all staffing companies are the same and not all recruiters are the same either. When selecting a staffing company or recruiter, look beyond the agency’s brochure and ask a few questions about credentials.
Ask whether your staffing agency is a member of ACSESS. Every member of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services has pledged to uphold the industry’s code of ethics and standards. This code addresses everything from disclosure of information to adherence to laws and respect of individuals.

Also look for the initials “CPC” behind a recruiter’s name. The Certified Personnel Consultant is the only certification for professionals working within the Canadian staffing industry. A recruiter with the “CPC” credentials has made a commitment to the industry and to professional performance.

CPC exams address important topics such as the legal aspects of staffing services, human rights, privacy laws, employment standards, employment equity, health and safety, selection techniques, and industry ethics.

As employers, we take great care in verifying the credentials of each candidate we consider so why wouldn’t we take equal care in verifying the credentials of the recruiters who make the referrals. Hire with confidence. Look for the ACSESS logo and the initials “CPC”.