Friday, December 05, 2014

Canadian November Labour Report- Just Silly

Earlier today Statistic Canada released their Labour Force Survey data for November 2014 without so much as a sly grin to acknowledge how ridiculous the report is or how insignificant the bureau has become.
Statistic Canada November 2014

In November when wholesalers are shipping more than 50% of their annual product and retailers are ramping into their biggest season of the year, StatsCan tells us that the wholesale and retail industries declined by 41,600 jobs.   That reminds me of the time they reported that teacher jobs jumped through the ceiling in July.  Bahaha.  Seriously?

Statistics Canada reported job increases in September and October.  According to the Toronto Star, "The consecutive increases in September and October marked the first time since December 2012 that the agency's see-saw jobs survey recorded two straight months of employment growth outside the margin of error."  Logic says that September and October must have been exaggerated gains and November's decline is just part of their pattern of errors and adjustments.

The report also tells us that  Ontario jobs declined by 34,000 in November while Quebec's increased by 20,000.  Sorry kids.  That didn't happen either.

"Employment in professional, scientific and technical services decreased by 33,000"  - Nope!

They report that Private Sector jobs declined by 45,600 in November.  Not believable!  Neither is their report of a Public Sector increase of 22,600 jobs.  Heck, even spend and burn socialists like Kathleen Wynne in Ontario weren't creating new jobs in November. In November the Ontario CCAC and other health care providers were actually cutting back services.

Does the Agriculture industry in Canada increase jobs in November?  Stats Can says they do.  I'm not a farmer but my vegetables were picked and our garden was closed by November 1st.   Stats Can reported that the Transportation and Warehousing industry decreased by 14,600 jobs in November.  My friends in the industry tell me that there are not enough qualified drivers available to move the loads for Christmas season or the produce shipments from the south. If demand was up, certainly employment was not down.

It is a survey.  It is not based upon facts like payroll data.  My theory is that people who are working hard (especially in new jobs in industries like retail, wholesale, transportation, technical or healthcare) are inclined to give false answers when interrupted by an annoying survey.  As a result, they blurt out the sarcastic opposite of the truth just like I do when surveyed by political parties or questioned about my duct cleaning needs.

For now, I'm going with the George Costanza Opposite Theory.  Whatever Statistics Canada says about the labour market... I'm going with the opposite.

Steve Jones
Business Leadership Corp.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Staffing Industry Professional Development

Canadian Certified Personnel Consultant CPC  
Winnipeg - Register December 3, 2014  
Calgary - Register December 2, 2014

Not all staffing companies are created equal. The same goes for recruiters. Client managers repeatedly tell us that the most significant factor in selecting their staffing service company or recruitment firm is the person they deal with.
Sure, brand matters, technology matters, specialties, size, locations and reputation all matter. But, in the end, the actual recruiters and the people on the service team make customers happy. (and unhappy).
Dedicated recruitment industry professionals know how important it is to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. That's why top performing staffing professionals don't think twice about achieving their Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) designation as a credible and demonstrative differentiation.

Hiring managers want a rapport with their recruiter that is based upon "Trust and Confidence". In gathering Trust and Confidence, they look at the credentials and qualifications of the recruiters and account managers. Trust and Confidence go well beyond an agency’s name and brochure. They are developed, they are earned, they are proven; and then they ultimately are given.

Hiring managers may not ask whether your staffing agency is a member of ACSESS. You should never miss the opportunity to tell them anyways. Tell your clients and prospects and candidates that as a member of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services, you have pledged to uphold the industry’s code of ethics and standards. The code addresses everything from disclosure of information to adherence to laws and respect of individuals. Active membership in ACSESS lends credibility to a client's decision to lend you their Trust and Confidence.

Don't miss the opportunity to print the letters “CPC” behind your name. The Certified Personnel Consultant designation is the only certification for professionals working within the Canadian staffing industry. A recruiter with the “CPC” credentials has made a commitment to the their profession, to the industry and to professional performance. If you've got it, flaunt it.

The CPC courses and exams address important topics such as the legal aspects of staffing services, human rights, privacy laws, employment standards, employment equity, health and safety, recruitment and selection techniques, and industry ethics.
A staffing industry professional with the CPC designation can speak proudly of a commitment to professional conduct and skilled practices.

ACSESS local chapters play an important role in promoting and offering CPC sessions.
I'm looking forward to delivering CPC courses in both Calgary, Alberta on December 2, 2014 and in Winnipeg, Manitoba on December 3, 2014. My visits to Western Canada will also include appearances at ACSESS Chapter events. I'll be speaking on "Inspirational Leadership" while in Calgary and while in Winnipeg, I will present a repeat of the ACSESS Conference favorite session "Stop Trying to Change Me". Read More about Winnipeg - Register December 3, 2014   Read More about Calgary - Register December 2, 2014

Register your seats today!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Executive Director - Ontario Track 3 Association

Ontario Track 3 Ski Association for children with disabilities is considering qualified candidates for the position of Executive Director.

Executive Director
Ontario Track 3 Ski 
for Children with Disabilities

Ontario Track 3 Ski Association is a well established and highly regarded volunteer based charity enabling kids with disabilities to discover their confidence, develop their talents and achieve their physical potential through the magic of snow sports.  Ontario Track 3 engages over 450 volunteers to professionally deliver adaptive ski and snow board programs at 14 ski resorts across Ontario.

The Role of Executive Director

The Executive Director has responsibility to lead and manage the organization according to the strategic direction set with the Board of Directors. The ED will actively engage in all aspects of the organization's activities, fostering effective team work between staff, volunteers, committees, ski resort
partners, funding agencies and the volunteer board of directors.

Reporting to the Board, the Executive Director’s priorities include:
  • Over-all delivery of programs for children with disabilities
  • Managing and leading a small core of staff
  • Recruitment & retention of volunteer
  • Leading and supporting committees
  • Fundraising through sponsorships and grants
  • Fundraising through promotions and events
  • Ski resort and partner relations
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Public relations, promotions and communications
  • Operational effectiveness, systems and efficiencies

This successful candidate should have excellent inter-personal and leadership skills with knowledge of issues related to services for children with disabilities, charity governance and alpine snow sports. The ideal candidate will possess a post-secondary degree complemented by financial, administrative and related operational experience.

Compensation and benefits will be commensurate with the successful candidate’s experience, skills, and over-all value to the organization.

How to Apply
Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a resume by email in confidence to Steve Jones, President Ontario Track 3 Association President before May 19th, 2014.  


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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

In Memoriam - Henk Engels

Henk Engels, Executive Director - Ontario Track 3 Ski Association

After a long and courageous battle with cancer, Henk Engels, Ontario Track 3 Executive Director, passed away peacefully on the morning of Monday April 7, 2014 while resting in North York General Hospital.

Henk Engels 73, graciously and generously gave over 37 years of service to children with disabilities and the Ontario Track 3 Ski Association.  Henk was an early partner of Ontario Track 3 as a volunteer ski instructor and was instrumental in the transition from an Ontario Easter Seals program to a highly respected independent charitable organization.  Over his many years of service he selflessly contributed as an instructor, fund raiser, board member, President and Executive Director.  Henk has played an important role in changing the lives of thousands of children with special needs. His contributions and accomplishments are truly reflected in Ontario Track 3 as one of his life’s great legacies. 

Henk is survived and missed most by his loving wife Susan, his proud sons Kevin and Randy and his grandson Bret. 

Our most sincere condolences and sympathies are expressed to family and friends on behalf of the Track 3 Board of Directors, staff members, volunteers, students of past and present and all association members.

Further information about visitations and the funeral service will be posted on the Track 3 website at  as details become available.

Steve Jones
Ontario Track 3 Ski Association