Sunday, June 26, 2011

Temp Staffing Index Continues to Rise

Staffing Index Turns Upward, May 2011
The Canadian staffing index — a measure of temporary staffing in Canada — edged up one point to 85 in May, the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS) reported Thursday.

The news is mixed from sector-to-sector, according to ACSESS President Bryan Toffey. “We’re still seeing some shutdowns and lower hours worked in manufacturing, particularly with respect to the automotive segment. Despite this, the demand for services remains strong, keeping the total number of hours worked per day on the rise.”

The index has demonstrated consistent long-term growth, said Robert Balicki, research associate with Staffing Industry Analysts, which produces the Canadian staffing index in conjunction with ACSESS. “Though the [May] gain was small, year-over-year growth was 8 percent. This is the sixteenth month of uninterrupted year-over-year gains, truly a good sign for the Canadian temporary staffing industry and the overall economy.”

The staffing index measures the hours of labor performed by temporary and contract staff in May of 2011 compared to the benchmark index of 100 established in July of 2008.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Inexpensive Perks - Attract & retain Talent

May 17th, 2011

For most companies, the idea of a big bonus or an automatic salary increase has been relegated to “the good old days.” But there are ways to add perks to a job listing and reward your employees without sending your company to the poorhouse. Offering flex-time, telecommuting, and tuition reimbursement are the most popular, but there are many more options. Use a little creativity and you’ll create a buzz about your business that will attract and retain top talent.

Here’s some perks to consider:

• Sports & Entertainment: Buy tickets from charity silent-auction tables for theatre, hockey, baseball, football or basketball and offer them as recognition, rewards and thank you throughout the year.

• Catch A Movie: Give away movie tickets (and money for popcorn, snacks and drinks).

• Grab A Bite: Restaurant coupons are always popular. Include a bottle of wine to say thank you to hardworking spouses for all that overtime work.

• Give A Gift Card: Whether it is to a local retailer, a Tim Horton’s card or shopping mall certificates, these are great ways to say thanks for a job well-done.

• Come And Get It: Leave the office early and treat everybody to a barbeque at a local park or throw a summer ice cream party or a winter pizza party in the conference room.

• Club Memberships Aren’t What They Used To Be: Most employees don’t need or want a fancy club membership but a family membership to a warehouse store like Costco will help your employees with food and clothing.

• Come Fly Away: If you don’t let your employees keep frequent flier miles earned for their business travel, use the accumulated miles to buy free flights for employees and/or pre-paid vacations at resorts or spas. (Mexico and the Caribbean are very popular destinations during Canadian winters.)

• Play, Dance, Laugh: Take some time to play games. Organize games in the park, ski days, skating parties, sailing excursions or fishing tours. Enter teams into charity bike-a-thons, walk-a-thons and 5 km runs. Bring in board games, cards or play charades. Break-out sessions at meetings and training days should include fun team building activities. Physical exercise and laughter are great perks.

• Ahhh! Spa: Have local masseuses come in and give chair massages to your employees. Reflexology foot massages are great, too. Also, buy some gift certificates to a neighborhood spa and treat your hard-working employees to some serious relaxation.

• Sponsor Teams: Offer to sponsor your employee’s kids’ Little League teams. Your company name on every uniform is good advertising too!

Look around your own life to see the types of things that make your daily existence just a little cushier and then offer those things to your employees. You’ll attract and maintain the good ones without breaking the bank.

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