Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ACSESS - Staffing Industry Association

Despite the economic uncertainty, it is very encouraging to hear so many ACSESS members from the staffing industry describe their personal optimism for this coming year. The staffing and recruitment industry is known for its hardworking professionals who demonstrate both vision and entrepreneurial leadership. Our industry and the people within it will continue to serve an important role in Canada’s economic success. ACSESS is committed to supporting our members to achieve their vision through information, training, professional certification, public policy development, public relations and the sharing of best practices, enabling us all to be our best, now and in the future.

ACSESS enjoyed an outstanding 2008. This success was due, in no small part, to the commitment and participation of our members.

  • The Ontario Safety Group members collectively received a rebate exceeding $1.7 million. This exceptional performance is a reflection of our members’ commitment to putting people first when it comes to improving safety in the workplace.
  • Our record breaking National Conference demonstrated that ACSESS industry members value the importance of a forum for sharing information, recognizing excellence, strategizing and networking.
  • Individuals demonstrated their personal commitment to professional development by setting both enrolment and attendance records for CPC modules, with outstanding subscription to the first offering of the program in the French language.
  • The new Dialogue magaize was launched, and while still in its infancy, our members have repeatedly expressed their appreciation for the rising standards for Canada’s only magazine specifically written for and about our industry.

ACSESS celebrated its 10th anniversary, marking 10 years since the important merger of two strong associations to give ACSESS an expanded mandate to represent all facets of the employment, recruitment and staffing services industry.

It is a privilege to serve as President of ACSESS. I am proud of what our industry does for both the clients and the candidates we serve. Making a difference in the lives of people through meaningful employment is an honourable calling. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for doing your part in creating an industry and an industry association that we can all be very proud of.

Through continual focus on professional standards, member commitment, progressive vision and entrepreneurial leadership, I also believe that our industry optimism will become reality. Wishing you prosperity in 2009.

Steve Jones

ACSESS National President

Design Group Inc. - Staffing Services Division