Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ontario Consultations on Temporary Help

This morning, I had the pleasure (sort of) of being interviewed by Andy Barrie on CBC FM Radio. Recently, FM 99.1 Metro Morning has been on a tear to disparage the credibility of the staffing industry. It's obvious that Mr Barrie has been told outrages stories about "human trafficking" and he has been lead to believe that this is some sort of norm. He is using his radio show to right the alleged injustices and do the good thing.

It's unfortunate but I believe that this sort of ratings ploy does more harm than good. I take tremendous pride in the meaningful differences that we (my company and my industry) make in the lives of people. It’s important work and people are almost always much better off because of what we do for them.

Whether we are helping a professional confidentially change careers or helping a Gen-Y into a first job, people benefit from the services we provide. We never charge a fee to a candidate. We always try to make a match that will move a person to a better place in their life.
If you listen to the attached Podcast, you’ll hear from Andy’s language and tone that he really wanted to hear a nasty story about exploitation and skulduggery. I have none. I only have warm heartfelt stories about removing barriers for recent immigrants and helping moms return to work. I have more stories about summer students, relocating professionals, etc, etc, etc.

My objective in the interview was to de-escalate the rhetoric. (That’s polite for stop the lies and exaggerations.) If you have been listening to the intensity of Andy Barrie's one sided position on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, then you’ll probably agree that my interview was somewhat successful in taking the edge off. Although, it’s hard to win the game when you have your defense on the field.

I heard a story once, that at the end of a press conference, Henry Kissinger asked the press gallery..... “Are there any more questions that you think will suit my answers?” Listen to the interview. You’ll know what I mean.

Have a great day!

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