Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fancois Mulder - Soul- Jazz - R&B

Francois Mulder just released his first CD. If you are a Track 3 supporter then you'll remember Francois from the Track3 Steam Whistle event in November 2008 and Craigleith Idol in February 2009.

To quote my daughter Alexandra, "He is an AMAZING person and an AMAZING R&B vocalist. The CD is brilliant and features a wide range of VERY talented artists. (Many of them also performed at Steam Whistle and Grandma and Papa's anniversary). Francois wrote all the songs on the album, they are beautiful! I went to his CD release party last night and the entire restaurant gave him a standing ovation."

Francois has a great talent and he also has a great character. He has willingly donated his time to perform at Track 3 events supporting disabled children. But he really stood out when he came back to the stage after Craigleith Idol and put two children on his knee and sang a memorable rendition of Over the Rainbow. It was a real crowd stopper.

I encourage you to support this talented young artist. Follow the link to CD Baby. Listen to the demos and buy the album online. You'll enjoy every one of his orginal songs on this indy label CD. It's a great way to support a young Toronto musician and a great way to say thank you to a young man who has helped make a difference.

Good luck Francois!

Steve Jones
The People Bank

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