Saturday, March 20, 2010

Canadian Staffing Industry Awards - ACSESS

It’s ACSESS award season. The timing couldn’t be more perfect to feature our highly respected industry awards. As I write this message for Dialogue magazine, the Vancouver Winter Olympics are in full swing. Omnipresent on every television set, in every home and in every restaurant, is the background chatter and ticker tape reminding us of the medal winners.

Whether awards are international Olympic medals, commemorating incredible athletic feats, or national ACSESS industry awards, acknowledging outstanding contributions to staffing in Canada, it is always exciting and uplifting to celebrate award recipients and recognize their extraordinary accomplishments.

We will be announcing our industry award recipients at the national annual conference in Mississauga, Ontario, in May, 2010. Each of our ACSESS awards has meaning on many levels. Intensely vigorous competitors pause and join together to honour and celebrate their business rivals’ special accomplishments, leadership, chapter success, community service, and health and safety performance. The recipients deserve every bit of recognition we can offer.

We all deserve a little bit of special recognition. I propose that we introduce the “Survivor Award”. If you are reading this magazine, you survived the most difficult economic cycle ever experienced by the Canadian staffing industry. Although we are still in a fragile recovery period, it’s probably safe to say that the worst is now behind us. You survived. Congratulations…you are a winner!

During these tough economic and political times, ACSESS has demonstrated the depth of its strength. While most staffing associations in other countries experienced reduced membership levels accompanied by service and staff reductions, ACSESS held strong. Canadian staffing companies turned to ACSSES for representation, training, tools and resources. More companies became new members and our membership continued to grow. ACSESS has clearly secured its status and reputation as the single national voice of staffing, effectively representing our industry and membership. If there were an international award for best industry association, ACSESS would be a winner, too.

We remain in a fragile economic environment and there is no easy path to follow; there never will be. We remain surrounded by political and social forces that do not fully appreciate the value we offer to people, companies and the economy; we always will be.

Every permanent, contract and temporary job that we fill is exciting and uplifting. That’s the nature of our business. The best way for us to achieve greater recognition is to stand on the award podium and proudly show the world what we have accomplished. We have a lot to celebrate. This spring, ACSESS will recognize our award-winning member companies, chapters and individuals. Let’s take a lesson from the Olympics and flaunt our every success for the whole world to see.

This is a reprint of the Presidents Message in the spring edition of the ACSESS Dialogue magazine (Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services.

You can download the entire magazine from the ACSESS Website

Steve Jones
National President

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