Friday, September 21, 2012

Health & Safety at Work - Mandatory Posters

Effective October 1, 2012, Ontario Ministry of Labour OHSA health and safety inspectors require Ontario employers to post the new workplace poster called “Health & Safety at Work - Prevention Starts Here”.

The poster has been available from the Ministry of Labour since June. You can download the poster in PDF format from:  or you can acquire hard copies for free through ServiceOntario Publications.  Available in 17 languages in pdf format, it can be printed on 8.5” x 11” or 11’ x 17” paper.

 Under the OHSA, employers are required to post the OHSA Act and any explanatory material prepared by the Ministry, which includes this poster.  The new poster summarizes workers’ health and safety rights and responsibilities and the responsibilities of employers and supervisors.  It also reminds employers that they must not take action against workers for following the Act or for raising workplace health and safety concerns. The poster encourages workers to get involved in health and safety and explains when and why to contact the Ministry of Labour.

Steve Jones – Business Leadership Corp.
“When it comes to safety, everyone has the chance to lead”


Munro's Safety Apparel said...

This poster is a wonderful resource for employees and employers alike. All work areas should have signage containing information on workplace safety, and employee's rights and responsibilities. Clear communication helps to foster a safe workplace culture.

Allan Kenan said...

Yes, it’s really helpful to have a permanent and integrated reminder of health and safety regulations in every workplace. I don’t think it would be the employer’s loss to submit to this either. This would help motivate every employee and keep productivity high. And that would only be possible if they feel safe in their place of work.

Ezra Hamilton said...

It feels good to work in an environment where you feel safe. Knowing that the company is concerned and really cares about your personal welfare is more than enough to keep the employees motivated to give their best all the time.

OSHA Posters said...

An employee can only be truly productive when he's comfortable with the working environment and that somebody's being accountable to their safety.

Pete Main said...

It is an informative post.