Wednesday, June 02, 2010

April Indicates a Slight Correction in the Recovering Economy

ACSESS Staffing Index Continues to Show a Steady Recovery

MISSISSAUGA, ON, June 2 /CNW/ - The April 2010 Canadian Staffing Index was released this week by the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS).

The April report shows a slight decrease in temporary and contract hours of 3 points compared to March 2010. The Index also illustrates a healthy 14 point (21.5%) gain since the industry low in May of 2009.

An Index value of 79 means that hours of labour supplied by the Canadian staffing industry during the month of April remained 21% below the 100 Benchmark of July 2008 and 28 points below the industry high reported for October 2008. The Index continues to show a slow but persistent recovery but it also reflects the dynamic nature of the temporary and contract staffing industry and the sensitivity of the recovering Canadian employment market.

"The dramatic 10 point jump reported by the Canadian Staffing Index in the previous month of March 2010 accurately predicted the large employment gain that was subsequently released by Statistics Canada for the month of April." says Steve Jones, President of ACSESS, "This slight decline in April reflects the industry's normal seasonal decline of April and May and may also reflect a minor correction for the extraordinary gain reported in the prior month. Our members continue to report strong year over year growth including a healthy transition of temporary workers to full-time employment."

Each monthly release of the ACSESS Canadian Staffing Index clearly answers the question, "How's business?" Temporary and contract employment hours are coincidental with real-time economic activity and ACSESS believes the Staffing Index serves as a valuable leading indicator for economists, journalists, analysts and policy makers who are interested in current staffing and employment trends.

About the Canadian Staffing Index:

Hours of labour data is collected by Staffing Industry Analysts, an independent company specializing in the staffing industry. The source data is provided by a representative number of Canadian staffing companies providing services in almost every industry across the country.

The data is collected on a monthly basis, with the initial data capture dating back to July 2008, providing real historical insight into the Canadian staffing landscape.

Canadian Staffing
Not Seasonally Adjusted
Jul-08 ---- 100
Aug-08 ---- 97
Sep-08 ---- 99
Oct-08 ---- 107
Nov-08 ---- 94
Dec-08 ---- 81
Jan-09 ---- 75
Feb-09 ---- 67
Mar-09 ---- 71
Apr-09 ---- 70
May-09 ---- 65
Jun-09 ---- 68
Jul-09 ---- 73
Aug-09 ---- 70
Sep-09 ---- 78
Oct-09 ---- 78
Nov-09 ---- 77
Dec-09 ---- 74
Jan-10 ---- 69
Feb-10 ---- 71
Mar-10 ---- 82
Apr-10 ---- 79


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