Saturday, June 12, 2010

Recruitment & Social Media

The world is a buzz with social media sites as an emerging alternatives to the big job boards.
For example, LinkedIn has over 40 million users. LinkedIn is rapidly becoming an employment networking site more than anything else. I personally have over 3,770,500 total Linkedin users that I can contact through an introduction. That's powerful stuff! There may come a day soon when a LinkedIn profile will replace traditional resumes.

The immensely popular social networking site Facebook has over 200 million users and can be used in a low key medium for job seekers and job postings. Employers and recruiters should know their Facebook etiquette before they risk their brand by unintentionally offending hardcore Facebook users. Advertising on Facebook is a cost effective recruitment tool with a CPC (Cost per Click) billing model. Its also a great place to set up a free corporate profile with some built in Web 2.0 features. Facebook users are a committed community so it only makes sense for recruiters to get into the network rather than constantly attempting to lure job seekers to other platforms.

Twitter and the Blogsphere are also fabulous platforms for corporate marketing and job broadcasting. Twitter still has a long way to go to catch up with Facebook in terms of user volume but just wait and see how Twitter explodes in the following weeks as it becomes a primary communication source for FIFA World Cup soccer.

While most job boards and good corporate websites have features that allow job seekers to set up a profile and receive job notices, twitter helps bridge the gap between web sites, email, smart phones and text messaging. HR departments will soon be Tweeting every new openings to meet the needs of the growing Twitter community.

An interesting online recruitment development is emerging within the buy/sell Internet sites like Craigslist and Kijiji. These sites offer low tech, high traffic, free employment advertising sections. GenNext job seekers lean toward Indy-bands, Indy-movies and so it follows that they also tend toward the grassroots job marketplace rather than the big corporate job board space.

New media and social networking sites are not yet structured to interface and systematically broadcast every job postings from a corporate website. They all require some form of individual intervention. But, most large job boards are figuring out how to integrate their services with these popular new media formats.

The People Bank is always trying to say ahead of the recruitment advertising curve. Our jobs already appear on hundreds of Internet job boards but it won’t be long before all of our jobs are also rebroadcast to targeted audiences through Twitter, Kijiji, Facebook and Craigslist. We call our strategy "A Thousand Pathways". We take the view that all job boards, new media, traditional media, social networks and Buy & Sell sites should lead the way back to

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