Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Myth Buster: Temps & Contractors are Second Rate

The following story about temps and contractors was posted in the UK. It quotes statistics for the US and is perfectly relevant for Canada.  Posted by "scarter" in Careers, Morgan McKinley,
Financial Recruitment Insight from the Professionals on temps and contractors

There is absolutely no truth to the theory that ‘temps & contractors are people who can’t get permanent jobs’.

Here’s the stats…

US Staffing Association research found that:

• 88% of all candidates felt that contract work made them ‘more employable’

• 23 % of candidates had NO interest in traditional permanent employment

• 65% of contractors said they improved their skills through the variety of assignments

• 40% deliberately chose temp/contract as a way to obtain

In fact the vast majority of temps & contractors do it by choice. In addition to having more flexibility around working patterns and earning more, here are the top ten reasons to opt for temping or contracting:

• To refresh their enthusiasm

• To challenge & stretch themselves

• To work with leading edge technology

• To work with and learn from respected professionals

• To develop new skills and consolidate existing ones

• To utilise specialist knowledge in an environment where it is valued

• To avoid ‘office politics’

• To extend their professional network

• To showcase themselves to potential permanent employers

• To ‘try before they buy’ and so benchmark potential future permanent employers

There are over 1.2 million* contractors and temporary workers on assignment in the UK everyday not by force but by choice!


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