Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Get that Job! - 3 Interview Tips (for everyone)

Confidence, preparation and presentation are all keys to winning the big prize. Here are a few insider tips about what employers really want from an interview.

Tip #1 - Context - Be a Story Teller
Most people asking the questions are very knowledgeable of their company and the job but they are not always experienced with conducting professional interviews. You may be asked questions that only prompt a YES or NO response. Be prepared to help the interviewer by telling stories that support your short answers. It's the context of your stories that will stick in the interviewers mind and give you the advantage over other candidates. Every story should have three parts 1) Context – Tell a story that is relevant to the interviewer’s question and the job that you are applying for; 2) Action – Describe what actions you took; 3) Result – Describe the impact or result of your actions.

Tip #2 - Ask the Right Questions
Employers can tell a lot about you from the questions you ask. For example, if you only ask questions about the company benefit plan then the employer may assume that it's the benefits rather than the job that really interests you. Ask questions about what the employer wants to accomplish or improve. Ask about the boss's priorities, goals and objectives. By asking questions about results then the interviewer will assume you are a results oriented person. Results - That's what they really want!

Tip #3 - Dress (better than) the Part
You will only have one chance to create a first impression. The first minute will subconsciously influence whether the interviewer will ask questions that funnel you into the job or filter you out. Arrive at your interview dressed to immediately influence the interviewer to believe that you are the one. Whatever the dress code is for the job, go to the interview dressed a little better than that.

The Close - An interview is a sales call where you are selling yourself. All great sales people know that you must ask for the order to close the deal. Don't leave without asking your closing questions. "Will you offer this job to me?"; "Is there a date that you would like me to start?"; "What can I do that will help make this decision easy for you?"; "Can we schedule the appointment for the next stage in the process?" If you don't ask - you don't get.

Steve Jones (CPC) has 29 years of staffing industry experience and delivers CPC courses for the staffing industry Ethics and Business Practices certification module and Staffing Industry Legal Practices certification module.

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